Columbus’s trip and navigation

nina-picThe Niña

Can you imagine sailing off to the West, into empty looking ocean, to find what your captain believes is a good route to the Indian subcontinent?  This was a pretty risky navigational feat.  Luckily the ships experienced good weather on their trip to the Caribbean.

Use some of what we know now about navigation to examine this trek and do some reasoning and experimentation with the data.

Going bananas

Which is the better deal?

Which is the better deal?

  • What additional information would you like to know?
  • Record your data from your investigation ... either from your own research or from what your teacher can supply.
  • Use all the information that you have gathered to determine which banana deal is the better deal.

Fall hiking and the Appalachian Trail


Mt. Washington, NH in the Fall

The Appalachian Trail is one long hiking trail that begins in Georgia and ends on Mount Katadin, Maine. Fall is a beautiful time to be outdoors or on the Trail.  This activity is about calculating the needs and rates involved in enduring this 2,168 mile trek.

Hopefully you and your students are still enjoying the outdoors during this cooler, more colorful time of year.  Use this enthusiasm to look at the rate calculations necessary for an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker.

Extra Point or 2-Point Conversion?

Whoa! The NFL changed the extra point kick distance to 33 yards and now teams have a tough decision to make, go for one or two points?  The one point extra point is no longer a given with a success rate of about 94%.  Teams can go for two by trying to get the ball in the end zone from the two yard line. Teams have been successful at two-point conversions in the past about 50% of the time and 53% of the time after the first two weeks of the NFL season.  So we ask students, which does it make more sense to do?  Given the data, should teams go for one or two points?  Which do you expect will pay off with more points over the long run?

Does it pay to get educated?


Why should students do well in school, graduate high school, and go on to college?  In this activity median earnings by various education levels are explored.  Students compare the earnings of a non-high school grad with workers who graduated high school and went on to complete higher education degrees.  Hopefully, after completing this lesson, students will have a little more motivation to do well this school year and in the future.

iPhone 6S and 6S plus opening weekend

Headline2014NYTimes copy

Line copy

Wait outside of Apple Store for new iPhone 6

What will the headline read this time? Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 6S and 6S plus, will be coming out September 25th.  After the opening weekend, newspapers and TV will probably picture long lines, waits and sold out stores.  With all of this hoopla, could the iPhone 6S outsell the 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 plus's that were sold during their opening weekend in 2014? In this activity kids explore past iPhone launch sales data and predict how many iPhone 6S's will be sold during the opening weekend in 2015.