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4th down

…th down bot from the NY Times. It weighs in on each 4th down decision from recent games. The activities: 4th_Down_Elementary.pdf & a more advanced version: 4th_Down.pdf For members: 4th_Down_Elementary.doc 4th_Down_Elementary_Solutions.pdf & 4th_Down.doc & 4th_Down_Solutions.pdf CCSS: 7.NS.1 , 7.NS.2 , 7.NS.3 , 7.SP.C.7 , HSS.MD.A.2 , HSS.MD.B.5 , HSS.MD.B.6 , HSS.MD.B.7 Plus here are some other NFL math activities! Watson Saves – Watch the video with your class and use our activity… 1, 15

4th of July

…g parabolas, adjusting their calculator windows, and helping them celebrate whatever. Or consider using Desmos or Geogebra to create these fireworks. Enjoy! CCSS: HSA.SSE, HSF.IF Flag Art – A little ratio art might be a fun way to get ready for July 4th. In this past Memorial Day activity students measure; create whole number ratios for the official U.S. flag; decide how our artistic flags will be different from the official flag; make stars from regular pentagons, and finally create a flag… 1, 1

Can you create a fireworks display on your calculator?

…Let your students experiment with their graphing calculators to create a nice fireworks display? We’ve written a brief activity that questions students about manipulating parabolas, adjusting their calculator windows, and helping them celebrate whatever. Or consider using Desmos or Geogebra to create these fireworks. Enjoy! The activity: 4th-play.pdf For members we have a Word doc and solutions. 4th-play.doc 4th-play-solution.pdf CCSS: HSA.SSE, HSF.IF… 0, 3

Cicada swarmaggedon

Most of the life cycle of the Magicicada Septendecim is spent underground. Then at 17 year intervals, these cicadas emerge from the ground, climb deciduous trees, molt into adults, mate, lay eggs, and die. Why does the 17 year interval help this species survive? In this activity students learn about the length of a life cycle and why a large prime number makes an excellent survival technique. Besides the prime number notes, this 5 minute movie is great for teaching students to command cicadas… 0, 0

How much does it cost to go back to school?

Back to school spending is huge and students might not appreciate what it costs to send them back to, essentially, their job of learning. In this activitiy students decide what equipment and supplies are necessary, estimate how much that will all cost, confer with groups or partners to refine their lists, and then research to find out more accurately how much it will probably cost to send them back to school. This activity could be used for students in upper elementary school all the way to… 0, 0

McDonalds moves towards antibiotic-free chicken

Recently McDonald’s announced that by 2016 they will use only chicken raised without the antibiotics that are used in human medicine. McDonald’s plans to join Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, Chiptotle, and Whole Foods in the move towards removing antibiotics in the food that we consume in order to decrease antibiotic-resistant diseases in humans. What will the effects be on costs at the restaurant, costs in the supermarket and the cost and changes required of farm production? Does this seem like a… 0, 0

World Cup – How many ways?

present world cup scores How many games are played in each round of the World Cup? In the opening round each of the four teams in a group must play each other (round robin format). From then on each round is a knock-out round … if you lose then you are out. Let your students enjoy learning about what they are watching and question what and how much each team must do. There is so much math in the World Cup games. Enjoy! CCSS: 4.NBT.4, 7.G.1, 7.SP.8, MP.1 The activity: WorldCup-part-III.pdf… 0, 0

Longest NHL overtime games in history

Game one of the 2013 Stanley Cup between the Bruins and Blackhawks went into 3 overtimes. People stayed up way too late to watch the conclusion. The teams played 112 minutes and eight seconds of game time. The game went from about 7:15 central time to midnight central time. Did you know that Stanley Cup Playoff matches can last a really long time?There are usually few goals scored in hockey matches and a playoff match can not be finished as a tie. This has resulted in some very long NHL… 0, 0

Someone ate my cake!

In this fraction operation and representation activity, students are asked to decide how much of my cake was eaten. Using fraction multiplication (or angle measure if that is where you need an activity) they find out how much someone owes me for what they ate. The task could also solve using ratio and proportion reasoning. Technology: This interactive fraction models app from NCTM Illuminations can be a useful tech tool allowing kids to recreate the left over cake while the application gives… 0, 0

Moneymaking holiday movies

Just updated! Which movie do you think is the highest grossing holiday movie of all time (click on the movie to see its trailer)? How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, The Santa Clause or The Polar Express Students analyze holiday movie data. They will round, estimate, compare, calculate percent increase, consider the most appropriate graphical representation and graph the data … along with sharing what they have seen and enjoyed. Student activity: top10HolidayMovies2016.pdf For members we… 0, 0

How should I cook my turkey?

Should I oven bake it, deep fry it or barbecue and smoke it? When do I have to wake up to begin preparations? How long will the cooking take? How much will it cost? How many can I feed? Will there be enough mashed potatoes? I feel panic coming on! The activity: TurkeyDinner.pdf For members we have solutions and a Word docx to amend or enhance our plan. Turkey-dinner.docx Turkey-dinner-solution.pdf CCSS: Depending on what grade level you’re teaching & what you’re focusing on different… 0, 0

Stress reducing coloring and Fibonacci

Have you seen the new coloring books? Fibonacci lattice Golden spiral Pentagram and Golden triangles I think they can be beautiful. Evidently people who like to multitask can find a means of calming their energies and reach a peaceful place by simply coloring designs. Coloring in these drawings allows you to relax and just create pretty images without worrying about being artistic or the stress that a blank canvas might bring you. Clicking on any of these images will take you to pdf drawings… 0, 0

How long will it take you to trick or treat?

It’s Halloween and this is your neighborhood. How long will it take you to trick or treat at every house in your neighborhood? Possible conversation with students: How long will it take you to get from house to house? You should stay on the sidewalks. You may have to avoid landscaping and cars. How long will it take you to get your candy at each house? (Other trick or treaters could be in your way. You may have to wait for your friends.) Are you better off going back and forth across the… 0, 0

Pizza Deals

Check out the new Flatizza from Subway. If the slice of pizza is from an 18-inch pizza cut into eight pieces, which deal is better when comparing area of pizza and cost? How does the area of a square pizza compare to the area of a circular pizza? Technology: As students grapple with comparing the area of a square and the area of a circle with the same diameter/side length have them explore this Geogebratube app on area relations. The activity: pizza-deals.pdf For members we have an editable… 0, 0

Happy 14th B’ak’tun!

Clicking on this map of the Mayan territories will open it larger and in a new window Luckily, we’ve passed 12/21/2012 and the world is still here and we’ve made it into the start of the next Mayan calendar cycle … the next B’ak’tun. The ancient Mayans had an interesting number system and phenomenal ability to guage time and planetary motion. Let your students learn a little more about this area of the Americas and their numerical skills as you study what all of the “end of time” fuss was… 0, 0