Cost of movie tickets over time

We've updated this activity and thought that we should mention it again as we approach the Academy Awards. In this investigation, Brian looks at the changes in movie ticket prices over the last 30 years. Using his scatter plot (or his data) students analyze rates of change, make predictions about the future ticket costs, guesses about past costs and try to create lines of best fit.  Or check out any of our other five movie themed lessons below.

CCSS: 5.G.2, 8.SP.1 , 8.SP.2 , 8.SP.3 , HSF-IF.B.6 , HSS-ID.B.6HSS.ID.C.7

Activity Sheet: movie-ticket-prices-over-time.pdf

For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions.

movie-ticket-prices-over-time.doc          movie-ticket-prices-over-time-solutions.pdf

More Oscar's related activities: You can also use some of our past activities to bring the excitement of the Academy Awards into your classroom.

  • How many movies can you see in one day - Robert Kaplinsky contributed this activity where students are asked to analyze a situation, consider contributing factors, and present a logical solution as they create a tightly arranged schedule of the most movies that they can see in one day.
  • Oscars 2014 - Give your students the opportunity to speak about the movies that they have seen recently as they figure out how today's movies gross income compares to the incomes of the highest grossing movies of all time.  Exponential growth, percent, inflation ...
  • Do the best movies make the most money? - Ten movies are nominated each year for the Academy Awards.  Students compare the votes that the last 20 nominated movies received with their worldwide gross in theaters.  Does number of votes for best picture correlate with money earned at theaters?
  • Opening weekend - Last April Hunger Games and the Avengers were popular movies that made a ton of money during their opening weekends at the box office .  Can you tell from its opening weekend how the movie will do in the long run?
  • Money making holiday movies - Students analyze holiday movie data. They will round, estimate, compare, calculate percent increase, consider the most appropriate graphical representation and graph the data … along with sharing what they have seen and enjoyed.

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