Seven Useful Common Core State Standards Resources

With state testing wrapping up and another school school year coming to a close, we move a year closer to the 2013-2014 school year when we will see states fully transition to the CCSS.  We thought we would share some of our favorite CCSS resources.   Here are seven:

1. The Illustrative Mathematics Project provides guidance to states, assessment consortia, testing companies, and curriculum developers by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students experience in a faithful implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and by publishing other tools that support implementation of the standards.

There are example problems for many of the standards for K-12.  One of our favorite problems is the “Security Camera” problem under 6.RP.

2. Tools for the Common Core Standards is a blog associated with the Illustrative Math Project.  On this blog you can learn about the task writing contests for the Illustrative math project.  Each month the site asks math educators to submit example problems (illustrations) for particular standards.  If your example problem is selected then not only does your problem become published on the Illustrative Math Project site, but you receive $200.  You will also find information on the progression of various domains.  For example, there is detailed information on how the data and probability standards progress through middle and high school.  This is very useful as it gives a big picture of the big ideas in a domain and how these ideas build from one grade to the next.

3. The Arizona Department of Education page for K-12 Academic Standards has detailed documents fon the CCSS for each grade level.   In these documents (also in PDF form) you will find discussion on the critical areas for each level, plus example problems for each standard.  There are example problems for nearly every standard, but they are often not as rich as the problems found on the Illustrative Math Project.

4. Achieve the Core has an interesting document which provides information on the CCSS.  The document provides content emphasis by cluster for each grade level.  For each grade level clusters are broken down by major clusters, supporting clusters and additional clusters.  This can help teachers consider which standards should be the focus of their grade level curriculum.

5. Inside Mathematics is one of the few sites that we have found that gives examples of the standards of practice in action.  The site gives example activities, classroom videos and lesson handouts of activities that engage students in the standards of practice.

6. The Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics has a nice website with useful CCSS resources.   We like the flipbooks for grades K-8 which unpack each of the standards with discussion and examples for each standard.

7. PARCC Model Content Frameworks offers resources to support the implementation of the CCSS.  Overviews and specific explanations of the CCSS are included in the resources. You will also find more on content specific areas for in-depth focus at each grade level.

Do you have a recommendation for another CCSS resource?  If so let us know in the comments section.

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  1. May 5, 2012 at 9:50 am

    I recommend a contrarian view, well, actually 245 contrarian views–at Common Core State [sic] Standards

    Here’s the index

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