DVR Dilemma

How many hours of HD video can my DVR strore? How about SD video?

I love my DVR.  I can record my shows and movies and watch them whenever I want.  I know that when I record HD programs my DVR fills up fast.  To account for that I often record shows in non-HD (SD format).  This has me wondering: can I use some basic info that my DVR is giving to me to determine how many hours of HD and/or SD programming that my DVR can record?  Check out the video to get started.

In the video I delete a SD (non-HD) program.  Then I delete an HD program.  How can I use this video to help me better understand the HD and SD storage that my DVR can hold?

If I only record HDTV programming on my DVR about how many hours of recording time will I have?

If I only record SD (non-HD) programming on my DVR about how many hours of recording time will I have?

How many hours of SD programming can I record for every hour of HD programming?

What percent of DVR memory is equivalent to one hour of SD or HD recording time?

Should I consider my calculations as an estimate or exact?  If an estimate, then how much HD and SD recording time might my DVR actually have?  What values make sense?

The activity: DVR-Dilemma.pdf

For members we have Word docs and solutions.

DVR-Dilemma.doc          DVR-Dilemma-solutions.pdf

Actual Recording Time (Picture)

Great opportunity for a discussion on why student answers might be different than the actual recording time!

CCSS: 6.RP, 6.EE, 7.RP, 7.EE, 8.EE.7, 8.EE.8, A-CED

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