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Earth Day, 2017

…ic-free chicken – What will the effects be on costs at the restaurant, costs in the supermarket and the cost and changes required of farm production? Does this seem like a good move? Why? 4.MD.3, 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.7, 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, HSG.MG.A.2, HSG.MG.A.3, MP6 Methane Math – Carbon dioxide and methane are our two most prevalent human-contributed greenhouse gases. This holstein cow is one of many huge contributors to our methane production. Let students calculate percentages of greenhouse… 0, 13

How many baseballs are in this truck?

…rease their chances of winning World Series tickets! This could be a great way to get kids working together on an engaging problem early in the school year. Enjoy! The math activity: How-many-baseballs.pdf CCSS: MP.1, 8.G.9, HSG.MG.A.1, HSG.GMD.A.3, HSG.MG.A.2, HSG.MG.A.3 For members we have an editable docx, our Excel sheet of calculations, and solutions/tips. Caution: We don’t know the winning solution. If we did, we wouldn’t tell you! We’ve shown a few solution methods and a reasonable range… 0, 7

Gumballs galore

…Show Brian’s video to your class and let your students cogitate, estimate and calculate. Sheet with only a still shot from the video and room for figuring: gumball-image.pdf We have a solution of sorts for members below: gumball-solutions.pdf CCSS: 8.G.9, HSG.MG.1, HSG.MG.2 , HSG.GMD.3… 0, 5

Rescue of the Chilean miners – The 33

…in on topic. Do the math. Students are asked to make a number of volume calculations … the miners living space, the amount of ore in the escape shaft, the lateral surface area of the metal shaft lining, and their survival chamber’s depth under the surface of the earth. The activity: The_33.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. The_33.docx The_33-solution.pdf CCSS: 8.G.9, HSG.GMD.A.3, HSG.MG.A.1, HSG.MG.A.2 Below is the trailer for the new movie … The 33… 0, 5

Big Aussie tomato

…Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. These Aussi tomatoes (the tomato on the left of all of the tomatoes) are huge. How much do you guess one weighs? Can you figure it out? BigTomato.pdf CCSS: 6.RP, 7.RP, 8.G.C, HSG, HSG.GMD, HSG.MG For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. BigTomato.docx BigTomato-solution.pdf… 0, 4

Dark days, Winter solstice

…Students appreciate how their latitude effects the darkness of their late afternoon location as they study the earth’s tilt and the logic of daylight hours. The activity: winter-solstice2016.pdf CCSS: 7.G.3, HSG.C, HSG.GMD.4, HSG.MG.1 For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. winter-solstice2016.docx winter-solstice2016-solution.pdf… 0, 4

How much have doughnuts changed?

…directed activity lets students develop some understanding of a torus volume formula and practice the ability to use algebra to make the formula work better for donuts. Students then try to get a grip of how much actual cake there is in a present day donut or try to measure how much donuts have changed. The activity: Donut-hole-evolution.pdf CCSS: 8.G.C.9, HSA.SSE.A.1, HSA.APR.D.6, HSA.SSE.A.2, HSA.SSE.B.3, HSG.GMD.A.3, HSG.GMD.B.4, HSG.MG.A.1 For members we have an editable docx and hints and… 0, 4

Wrapping presents on the diagonal

…unity to work with surface area and the Pythagorean Theorem. If students are too young to have worked with the Pythagorean Theorem you can use this representation of each rectangular prism which gives a scale drawing on a grid of the 6 by 6 and 6 by 8 faces. Students can figure out the diagonal length by doing a little scale conversion work. How much wrapping paper does this method save? Should you just use a gift bag? The activity: Diagonal-wrapping-paper.pdf CCSS: 7.G.6, 8.G.7, HSG.SRT.C.8,… 0, 3

The Blue Marble

…ssroom attempt at drawing our continents and oceans on an orange and then trying to create a flat representation of that 3-d construction by peeling it. Let students figure out what problems occur in that translation. Or for Earth Day you could use one of our two previous posts having to do with conservation and recycling; Fat Tuesday or Light Bulbs. CCSS: 6.G, 7.G, HSG.GMD.B, HSG.MG.A… 0, 3

McDonalds moves towards antibiotic-free chicken

…sistant diseases in humans. What will the effects be on costs at the restaurant, costs in the supermarket and the cost and changes required of farm production? Does this seem like a good move? Why? Do the math! The activity: Antibiotics-in-our-food.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. Antibiotics-in-our-food.docx Antibiotics-in-our-food-solution.pdf CCSS: 4.MD.3, 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.7, 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, HSG.MG.A.2, HSG.MG.A.3 MP6 Check out all of our activities in one… 0, 4

Pre-winter holiday activities!

…tudents estimate the size of a gift and decide if the given wrapping paper is going to be enough. Finally they try to create a rule for determining enough wrapping paper from a present’s dimensions. 6.EE.A, 6.G.1, 6.G.4, 6.G.A, 7.EE.B, 7.G.6, 7.G.B, HSG.MG.A.3, MP5 Wrapping presents on the diagonal – Dr. Sara Santos has figured out the most efficient way to wrap presents with no waste. Why does this work? Let students wrap packages in class traditionally and this new way to encourage… 0, 13

Chocolate heart-shaped raspberry cake

…e cubed if all dimensions of the cake were enlarged but in this case (since we didn’t increase cake depth) only two dimensions are enlarged. The activity: Chocolate-RaspberryHeartCake.pdf CCSS: 7.G.B.4, 7.G.B.6, 7.RP.A, 7.EE.B, 8.G.C.9, HSG.GMD.A.3, HSG.MG.A.1, HSN.Q.A, HSA.CED.A.1 For members we have an editable Word docx, our Excel computations, and solutions: ChocolateRaspberryHeartCake.docx HeartCake.xlsx cake-solution.pdf For more Valentines day activities try some of these: Valentine’s… 0, 3

How many times bigger?

…o: What additional information would be useful here? (Clicking on any of these images will let you see them larger.) Act Three: Solutions and teaching hints for members: CozyCoup-solution.pdf Sequel: The cozy coup manufacturers are making a giant cozy coupe that is roughly the same proportions as these cars. List possible dimensions of the giant cozy coupe. CCSS: 7.G.1, 7.G.6, 7.RP.3, HSG.MG.A.1, MP1, MP2, MP4… 0, 2

Fall equinox

…g-from-chart2016.pdf – What can you deduce about the Autumnal Equinox from this line graph? autumnal-equinox-3-latitudes2016.pdf How are the daylight hours of these three latitudes different and the same? autumnal-equinox-using-trig2016.pdf Calculate daylight hours for any latitude with a formula involving trigonometry. daylight-hours-N40.xlsx Spreadsheet and charts for various latitudes. CCSS: 5.G.A.2, 7.G.A.3, 8.SP, HSG.MG.A.1 Check out all current Yummymath lessons in one place at our Bird’s… 0, 2